Thursday, November 04, 2010

closing down time

Its been a really full on seven months at 25sg. weve had over 25 artists in the house and many local artists coming to view and give valuable feedback. Thanks to everybody.

Now we closed down for the winter. Hannah and Carole are writing a funding proposal for next year, but times are tough and although we are hopeful we know we may not be lucky. Back to grass roots.

My own work has been quite lively. ive done two performances in the house and have another two to do before the end of the year. one with anna pukkhara in the Bridge hotel Newcastle, one in Cumbria with Di Clay and Map Live and have just been on a procession for Halloween Night with the wonderful mat Cowan in London.

I might write during the winter. it depends on how I cope with builders in the house.


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

saltburn performance

Sally Madge and myself made Labour Intensive at Saltburn Artists Project.
We collected loads of blackberries and soured off milk filling many differing sized metal containers with them.
We poured these substances through large muslin bags suspended from the ceiling and covered ourselves with red and yellow liquids.
In the next room we invited an audience to share tea and scones filled with cream and blackberry jam with us.

Woodbine allotment residency

Since May 2009 there have been the following artists in the allotment studio:
Rachel Maloney, Miki Z, Carole Luby and Nicola Singh.
I invite all of them to add their photographs and text to this blog.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Woodbine allotment residency

May 2009

finished making the studio in a shed down on 1 Woodbine Allotment.
iris priest is the first artist working down there;drawing on the wall, inviting the outside (fantasy and real) into the inside. Also taking some stunning photographs.

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